Brillat Savarin FR

A network that honours its heritage

We like the word “network” and everything it implies about solidarity and shared projects. As a result of the network’s determination, Brillat-Savarin has managed to protect the precious heritage of its cheese-making tradition. This same desire to pass on an unrivalled form of expertise persuaded the network to seek PGI status, which was awarded to Brillat-Savarin on 19 January 2017.


In the early 2000s, Brillat-Savarin cheese manufacturers and the dairy trade organisations worked together to define the characteristics specific to Brillat-Savarin, with the aim of ensuring that the product’s name remained a promise of reliability in consumers’ eyes.


Further details on this episode in our history

Bloc 02 - Filière

Key figures - 2022 data

  • A little over 28 million litres of milk are used in production, i.e. approximately 3,700 dairy cows concerned
  • 8 manufacturers, including 2 maturers
  • Average total annual production of 2,000 tons
  • Approximately 95 % matured cheese
  • Approximately 15 % of production exported to Germany, Belgium, England and North America


Brillat-Savarin producers