Brillat Savarin FR

A shared desire to serve quality and taste

In the early 2000s, Brillat-Savarin cheese manufacturers and the dairy trade organisations worked together to define the characteristics specific to Brillat-Savarin, with the aim of ensuring that the product’s name remained a promise of reliability in consumers’ eyes. At the time, there were products on the market that bore the Brillat-Savarin name but did not offer the quality. This long consultative phase finally ended with the support of FNIL (National Dairy Industries Federation) and CNIEL (National Inter-branch Centre for the Dairy Economy). A definition of Brillat-Savarin was written into the 2007 “cheese” decree.

At the same time, the Burgundy manufacturers, with their unique expertise in maturing Brillat-Savarin, grouped together for the same reasons to found the “Groupement de Promotion du Brillat-Savarin Affiné de Bourgogne” (Group for the Promotion of Matured Burgundy Brillat-Savarin). This collective label was governed by production specifications and independent inspections.

Cheese-makers from Seine-et-Marne were also producing cheeses under the Brillat-Savarin name.

Brillat-Savarin’s two historic territories were brought together by the same concern for protection and introduced higher quality standards for the entire production area. Distributors and consumers welcomed their initiative. The next stage was to bring together every member of the trade in both regions in an even more ambitious approach. In 2013, the entire network got down to work on the lengthy, difficult task of drawing up specifications aimed at achieving Protected Geographical Indication status. This recognition came into effect on 19 January 2017.